Metals & Commodities

Metals and other commodities traded on exchanges only represent a portion of the total amount that is produced and in storage. For base metals specifically (aluminum, copper, zinc), while there are estimates and whisper numbers about total off warrant production and storage, pricing and inventory models are based on incomplete information. RS Metrics has developed easy to use applications, alerts, and predictive signals for investors and operators in metals & mining and other commodities, based on proprietary inventory measurements generated from our large-scale imagery processing and analysis platform. Current base metals coverage includes 3+ years for hundreds of global smelters and storage facilities, measuring the amount, type, and shape of metal stored outside, as well as concentrate piles, employee cars, container trucks, and tippers.


MetalSignals is a web application that monitors and tracks the amount of metals stored outside at hundreds of global smelters and storage facilities, and combines data for similar metals to identify periods of significant change that are predictive of LME price and inventory. 

RS Metrics MetalSignals is a web application that provides data, trends, and analysis for base metals locations such as smelters, mines, and storage facilities (often at ports), based on changes in daily, weekly, monthly, and year-over-year measurements of metals stored outside and other activity.

The application also allows users to combine data for similar locations (e.g. all copper smelters) to identify periods of significant change and develop regression models that are predictive of exchange price and inventory.

Data feeds with timestamped location-level observations are available weekly and monthly, for combination with existing data, models, and systems.  


  • Commodity traders
  • Commodity investors
  • Storage Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Smelters

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