Industrial Products

The ability to measure and track employment and container truck traffic at factories worldwide provides significant insights at the company, regional, and macro level. Activity is insightful and predictive of overall company performance, factory ramp-ups or closings, awarding of major contracts and other events. RS Metrics has developed easy to use applications, alerts, and predictive signals for investors and operators in industrials, based on proprietary measurements generated from our large-scale imagery processing and analysis platform. Current industrials coverage includes 3+ years for hundreds of global factories and distribution centers.


FactorySignals is a web application that provides data and predictive signals based on significant changes in employment, production, and other activity at factories in the US and globally. Trends and data can be viewed by location, company, or sector to track activity, generate insights and ideas, and validate hypotheses.

RS Metrics FactorySignals is a web application that provides data, trends, and analysis for industrial locations such as factories and distribution centers, based on changes in daily, weekly, monthly, and year-over-year growth in employee cars, container trucks, and outdoor inventory.

Data feeds with timestamped store-level observations are available weekly and monthly, for combination with existing data, models, and systems.  

Customer Types:

  • Investors in Industrials
  • Industrial Companies
  • Industrial Commercial Real Estate Investors
  • Distribution Companies
  • Business Services
  • CPG
Customer Types:

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