Data and Research for Investors

RS Metrics provides insights and data using proprietary models based on quantitative analysis of satellite imagery, store location, and climate data. 

Our client base comes from multiple investment styles including fundamentally driven, event-driven, macro, trading oriented, and quantitative, as well as many sectors such as retail, energy, commodities, technology and industrial. 

The below sections outline our current product offerings for retail traffic analysis, market share growth, industrial employment and production and commodities. 

Retail Traffic Products

Investor clients use RS Metrics traffic growth reports to measure trends and forecast transactions and comparable store sales.

  • Measure weekly, monthly, and quarterly traffic growth
  • Identify inflection points and changes in momentum
  • Forecast transactions and comps
  • Get ahead of intra-period analyst upgrades/downgrades
  • Trade data against itself and directly to stock price (cumulative return)

RS Metrics currently provides weekly, monthly and quarterly year-over-year traffic growth measurements for almost 30 retail and restaurant chains, available as interactive Detailed Reports or summary level TrafficTracker Reports.

In addition, RS Metrics Market Share Growth Reports measure changes in traffic and market share for competing stores and can provide rankings for stores on a local, regional and national scale that are of interest to a broad range of investors.

RS Metrics also produces retail traffic indexes (weighted by company revenue) that are leading indicators and correlate strongly with third party indexes and government reported data (e.g. Monthly Census Retail and Bureau of Economic Analysis Consumer Spending).


RS Metrics proprietary models measure year-over-year growth in average parking lot traffic and market share for a representative sample of retail locations during company reporting periods:

  • Sample size depends on size of chain, typically 300-1500 store observations per month
  • All traffic growth measurements are from approximately 11:00am - 1:30pm
  • Geographically distributed sample, representative of chain footprint.
  • Time distribution – store observations on every day of the reporting period.

Current Coverage List

  • (BBBY) Bed Bath & Beyond
  • (BBY) Best Buy
  • (BGFV) Big Five Sports
  • (BJRI) BJ's Restaurant
  • (BIG) Big Lots
  • (BWLD) Buffalo Wild Wings
  • (CAB) Cabela's
  • (CMG) Chipotle
  • (DG) Dollar General
  • (DLTR) Dollar Tree
  • (HD) Home Depot
  • (JCP) JC Penney
  • (KSS) Kohl’s
  • (LL) Lumber Liquidators
  • (LOW) Lowe’s
  • (MNRO) Monro Muffler
  • (PIR) Pier One Imports
  • (PNRA) Panera
  • (ROST) Ross Stores, Inc.
  • (SBUX) Starbucks
  • (SHLD) Kmart
  • (SHLD) Sears
  • (SHW) Sherwin-Williams
  • (SPLS) Staples
  • (TCS) The Container Store
  • (TGT) Target
  • (TSCO) Tractor Supply
  • (ULTA) Ulta Salons
  • (WFM) Whole Foods Markets
  • (WMT) Walmart

We have paused but can provide historical results and restart coverage of several retail chains, including AZO, AAP, COST, CVS, FDO, MCD, ORLY, WAG.

Detailed Reports

In-depth monthly coverage for almost 30 retail and restaurant names. Interactive reports with breakouts by region, week, and day, and all raw data for further analysis.

Sample detailed report

RS Metrics TrafficTracker reports provide investors with a higher level view of year-over-year traffic growth for each retail and restaurant chain: 

  • Monthly and quarterly traffic growth for around 30 names in one report. 
  • Reports are delivered twice per month

TrafficTracker is well suited for strategies that may not always require the full set of in-depth fundamental data and analysis provided in our Detailed Reports:

  • Traders looking for opportunistic deviations from consensus.
  • Retail focused PMs or funds that look across a good cross section of the retail universe.
  • Long term investors ability to track multiple names over a long period.
Sample TrafficTracker report
Quant Dataset

For quantitative investors we provide custom data feeds to fit each client’s unique systematic style of investing. Below is an example of one of these feeds that includes current year and prior year parking lot fill rates:

Sample dataset
Market Share Growth Reports

RS Metrics measures local, regional and national market share growth between competitor chains and individual stores.  Satellite images that show competitor stores simultaneously allow us to measure and track head-to-head market share over time. 

Our market share analysis answers key questions for investors that can impact both short and long term strategies:

  • Measure and rank year-over-year traffic growth nationally by chain 
  • Rank chains/stores in selected MSAs by traffic/sales
  • Track head-to-head market share growth between nearby individual competitor store locations
  • Measure change in market share from remodels, promotions, and other events
MSA and Store Level Market Share Shifts
National Level Market Share Shifts
Macro Retail Traffic Analysis

RS Metrics analyzes malls, strip centers, power centers and outlets malls at a macro level that are leading indicators and correlate strongly with third party indexes and government reported data (e.g. Monthly Census Retail and Bureau of Economic Analysis Consumer Spending).

Our macro retail data can be customized for a number of different types of investors and used for multiple purposes.
Industrial Employment and Production

RS Metrics provides a range of proprietary analysis, metrics, and data for investors in manufacturing, energy, distribution, transportation, mining, and other industries.

Example: Measuring employment and containers at TSLA Fremont facility
Example: Measuring Project Completion at Solar Installations

RS Metrics can track stockpile growth and site activity at mines, mills, terminals and other types of facilities.