Business Intelligence For Corporations

Retail Traffic and Market Share Data

Analysis and data from thousands of satellite images of retail parking lots to measure:

  • Traffic and market share growth (weekly, monthly, quarterly, year-over-year).
  • “Lift” in traffic from promotions, service changes, advertising, or remodels, including the share shift for selected competitor chains (by trade area or overall).
  • Shopper conversion / close rates, comparing the number of cars outside each store to the number of transactions inside.

RS Metrics data answers key questions about traffic and share growth – locally and system-wide:

  • How has system-wide traffic and share growth trended over the last 12 months vs. competitors? Has it improved or declined in the last 3 months? In the last 3 weeks?
  • From which local competitors are we taking the most share? Does this differ by division or region?
  • Did our recent national promotion result in share gains? From which competitors and how much?
  • Have our close rates increased from recent improvements to merchandising?
  • Which markets and stores have improved the most?

RS Metrics data can be delivered as custom reports or as a daily or weekly data feed for further analysis with internal marketing and operational data.

Head-to-Head Analysis

“Head-to-head” satellite images show year-over-year change in the number and share of cars parked at nearby competitor stores at the exact same time.

Major Store Events

RS Metrics can measure traffic and market share trends over time, and compare to historical data to determine the impact of major events such as a store remodel, or the entrance of a new competitor.

Results can be broken out for specific timeframes (date ranges, day of week) and by region, market group, trade area/zip code, store format, and local demographics.

Promotions and Advertising

RS Metrics market share data measures sources and changes in traffic from promotions, outdoor ads, remodeled stores, and other events. We can tell you where the traffic growth is coming from, by competitor, nationally and locally. 

Shopper Conversion and Close Rates

Working with our large retail clients we've found that our data is a powerful tool for measuring "close rates" at individual stores and for the overall chain. Transactions inside the store are matched to satellite image car counts outside the store, usually +/- 15 minutes from the timestamp of the satellite image.

RS Metrics data can cover thousands of stores to measure change in conversion /close rates from:

  • Customer service improvements
  • Merchandising improvements
  • Inventory systems improvements
  • Promotions
  • Outdoor and print advertising
  • Line resets
  • Competitor programs and initiatives

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Real Estate Strategy and Site Selection

Real estate and site selection groups use RS Metrics data to measure historical traffic and share trends, track ongoing trends, and support key areas of property acquisition, development and management.

  • Acquisition diligence and valuation
  • Asset sales and marketing
  • Site selection and development
  • Leasing and pricing
  • Property management
Store Rankings

RS Metrics historical traffic measurements can be used to rank retail stores by average parking lot traffic, which correlates highly with individual store revenue.

85% correlation of RSM Home Depot traffic data to Home Depot store revenues. 

Predictive Analytics

RS Metrics data can also be helpful for predictive analytics to estimate planned store traffic ramp-up and market share growth by using historical results from previous store openings, in combination with estimates of individual store revenues from RS Metrics historical traffic measurements.

We can measure the total number and "share" of cars at each Company store and its nearby competitors (at the exact same time of day), in the weeks and months before and after the opening of a new Company store. 

Industrial Employment and Production:

RS Metrics provides a range of proprietary market and competitive analysis, metrics, and data for corporate clients in manufacturing, energy, distribution, transportation, mining, insurance, healthcare, and other industries.

Applications include historical and ongoing measurement of activity and trends:

The scope of RS Metrics measurement and analysis can be at multiple levels:

  • Industry or market wide: indexes developed from combining and weighting data from multiple companies/facilities in a common industry or market
  • Company specific: focus on one or more facilities operated by a specific company
  • Competitive set: comparing two or more competitor locations – next door or across the world
  • Region specific: focus on a geographic area or market

Frequency of analysis is typically 1-10 times per month per location. The amount of historical data available in archive satellite imagery for a particular site is dependent on location and timeframe, and can go back as far as 2002.