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RS Metrics has access to several years of historical satellite data. Satellite images that show each competitor simultaneously allow us to measure and track head-to-head market share over time.


  • RS Metrics analyzes store observations in the selected area during the selected timeframe to generate a count of total parked cars, and a “fill rate” (cars / parking spaces). 
  • Traffic rankings and traffic growth (for one store or a group of stores) are calculated by averaging the number of parked cars for a time period, or tracking fill rate growth over time.
  • All images and measurements are from approximately 11:00am–1:30pm when satellites pass overhead.
  • Head-to-head market share trends can be shown for 2, 3, or all competitors in a market.

RS Metrics' retail traffic and market share data addresses key retailer objectives. Click on the links below to learn more.

Measure and Rank Year-Over-Year Traffic Growth by Chain
  • For example, in the Phoenix MSA from 2012 to 2013, did all of the Whole Foods stores combined have higher or lower traffic growth than all of the Trader Joe’s stores combined?
  • Rankings are based on average parked cars observed for all of the stores in each chain on weekdays and weekends.
Rank Chains/Stores in an MSA by Traffic/Sales
  • Rankings are based on average cars observed at each store (by week, month, quarter, or year).
  • Average number of parked cars correlates highly with individual store sales. 
  • Allows you to identify hot and cold stores and areas within a market, and how trends change over time.
Track Head-to-Head Market Share Growth Between Nearby Competitors
  • Each satellite image shows nearby competitor stores on the same day at the same time.
  • Changes in share can be tracked over days, weeks, months, or years.
  • For example, is Chipotle store #123 gaining or losing share from the nearby Taco Bell store?
Measure Change in Market Share From Remodels, Promotions and Other Events
  • Before/after comparison of head-to-head competitive market share.
  • Measuring average traffic for each store, pre-and post event.
  • We also line up event dates for multiple stores for a combined result.
Shopper Conversion and Close Rates

Working with our large retail clients we've found that our data is a powerful tool for measuring "close rates" at individual stores and for the overall chain. Transactions inside the store are matched to satellite image car counts outside the store, usually +/- 15 minutes from the timestamp of the satellite image.

RS Metrics data can cover thousands of stores to measure change in conversion /close rates from:

  • Customer service improvements
  • Merchandising improvements
  • Inventory systems improvements
  • Promotions
  • Outdoor and print advertising
  • Line resets
  • Competitor programs and initiatives

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Real Estate Strategy and Site Selection

Real estate and site selection groups use RS Metrics data to measure historical traffic and share trends, track ongoing trends, and support key areas of property acquisition, development and management.

  • Acquisition diligence and valuation
  • Asset sales and marketing
  • Site selection and development
  • Leasing and pricing
  • Property management