Fundamental Investors

RS Metrics has developed easy to use applications and predictive signals for fundamental investors based on our proprietary large-scale satellite imagery data, and knowledge gained from years of working closely with many of the most sophisticated quantitative investment firms.  In addition to forecasting revenue surprises and intra-quarter changes in analyst estimates, TrafficSignals brings new and powerful capabilities for idea generation, fundamental confirmation, quantamental strategies, identifying inflection points, opportunistic strategies, determining sub-sector health, long-only weighting strategies, and competitive market share analysis.


Retail Products:


The TrafficSignals application measures traffic for major US retail and restaurant chains, generates predictive signals based on significant change in year-over-year traffic growth, and tracks the performance of signals over time for revenue surprises, changes in consensus revenue estimates, and changes in stock price and alpha. 

Parking lot traffic (customers showing up at the store) is a fundamental driver of demand for retail and restaurant companies, and provides deep insights about short and long-term business health.   Parking lot traffic indicates the current level of consumer interest even more than reported in-store transactions or revenues, which can mask true underlying demand trends due to variations in shopper conversion and average ticket amount.

TrafficSignals are predictive of:

  • Quarterly revenue surprises
  • Intra-quarter changes in analyst consensus revenue estimates
  • Changes in stock price and Alpha
  • Reported transactions
  • Inflection points
  • Changes in momentum
  • Traffic trends at individual retailers

Retailer Reports

Interactive Retailer Reports provide year-over-year traffic growth and breakouts by:

  • Week
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day
  • State
  • Region
  • Store format
  • Local demographics

Store-Level Data

Datasets include the sample of store-level parking lot counts used to generate monthly growth rates, Signals, and Retailer Reports.

All parking lot counts are time-stamped and appended with store address, region, and zip code-based demographic data for internal models and analysis.

Mall Data

Historical and ongoing measurements of year-over-year mall traffic growth for a large representative sample of US malls.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Outlet
  • REIT-Owned
Retailer Reports
Store-Level Data
Mall Data

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Industrial Products


The FactorySignals application provides data and predictive signals based on significant changes in employment, production, and other activity at factories in the US and globally. Trends and data can be viewed by location, company, or sector to track activity, generate insights and ideas, and validate hypotheses.

Other products: Metals & Mining and Energy

RS Metrics provides proprietary data, growth measurements, signals, and analysis tools for a wide range of locations and companies in metals & mining, oil & gas exploration and production, and renewable energy.

Other products: Metals & Mining and Energy

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