About Us

RS Metrics was founded in 2009 by executives with backgrounds in corporate and investor strategy consulting, satellite imagery, and geographic information systems. We are headquartered in Chicago, with a sales office in New York and production offices in Colorado and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

RS Metrics provides investor and corporate clients with proprietary insights and data based on quantitative analysis of satellite imagery, overlaid with other open source information such as store locations, demographics and climate data. We analyze satellite images of thousands of retail and industrial locations each week and use our proprietary methodology and data models to produce valuable metrics including traffic and market share growth, ranking of top competitor stores in an area by traffic (revenues), shopper conversion/close rates (cars outside vs. transactions inside), and industrial production and employment growth.

RS Metrics partnerships with leading satellite imagery companies provide us with global coverage, cutting edge technical capabilities, and access to 5+ years of imagery archives for historical analysis. 

Our clients include many of the most well-respected investment firms on Wall St., some of the largest and most well-known US retailers and real estate investors/brokers, and other industrial companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.

From our off-the-shelf reports and indexes, to in-depth custom analysis and dedicated data feeds, we can get you the insights and data you need to make informed decisions about your business strategy, operations, and investments. Learn more about our products.